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Libraries Rock! - Teen Summer Reading 2018

Libraries Rock! - Teen Summer Reading 2018

How it works

It’s simple—just keep track of everything you read!

Whether it’s books, magazines, newspapers, etc., they all count towards your reading!

All items must be age/reading-level appropriate and be checked out through the Jasper County Public Library (including online items from OverDrive)!

Sign up at the library and get a booklet to log what you’ve read—every 30 minutes earns you one drawing entry for the $50 grand prize drawing (given away at Party).

Every week, after completing (7) 30-minute sessions, you will get a prize

You can receive additional prize slips with Suggested Readings too!

Once you have completed your booklet, you are a Reading Rock Star!

There are also weekly entertainment and DIY programs, so be sure to make time for those!

Upcoming Events

There are no events scheduled at this time. Check back for times and dates of your summer reading happenings!