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Walking Books are Back!

Picture of a book with legs

Are you home bound or in a senior living facility and are missing physical items from your library?

Our Walking Books Service is now available again to residents of the Jasper County Public Library service district who are home bound, either on a permanent or temporary basis.

Books, magazines, audio books, non-fiction videos, and movie videos can be checked out through the Walking Books Service. Items will be delivered safely and directly to your home (or facility).

If you need this service please call your local library – Rensselaer Library 219-866-5881, DeMotte Library 219-987-2221, Wheatfield Library 219-956-3774. A staff member will help you enroll in the Walking Books Program and begin to service you as soon as possible. 

If you do not have a library card, a library card can be obtained for this service.

This service includes the ability for you to request a certain book, magazine, movie, etc. that you are interested in (and it will be delivered to you when it is available); or we can choose items for you depending on your interests. This service is only for home bound patrons.

Patrons who feel sick in any way will not be able to participate in the service until the next delivery is scheduled. Walking Books patrons receive deliveries on a regular schedule. Walking Books Services can change without notice when/if needs arise because of COVID-19.