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Celebrate Porktober with recipes from your library

graphic of bacon

Something you know now: October is National Pork Month, also known as Porktober.

I grew up in a town that’s big annual event is the Pork Festival! They have a Pork Festival Queen, a Mr. Pork Chop, and a Bikin’ Bacon Bicycle Ride, among other events. For lunch they sell delicious pork chops and they have had visitors from as far away as Japan who came to Indiana to learn more about the county’s pig production.

Porkburgers, BLTs, pork tenderloin, roast pork, pulled pork, honey-glazed ham, ham and beans soup, cheesy scalloped potatoes with Ham, Monte Cristo, and ham salad sandwiches are some of the many ways to enjoy pork. 

Your Jasper County Public Libraries have lots of recipe books with ways to make it pork month every month.

Enter "pork recipe" in our catalog search bar and you will see five pages of books for cooking up pork, 

From Bobby Flay's Throwdown!: more than 100 recipes from Food Network's Ultimate Cooking Challenge to Taste of Home Instant Pot cookbook.  There’s food to fix for every budget and lifestyle. And don’t forget the Green eggs and ham cookbook: recipes inspired by Dr. Seuss!

Why not try a new pork recipe to go along with your usual choices. You’ll be in hog heaven.