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I’ve always considered myself an avid reader, and have often said that I will read whatever is in front of me, be it magazines, newspapers or the cereal box.

Snow and ice aren't the only things January is known for. January is named after Janus, the Roman god of beginnings, gates, doorways and time. He is often depicted as having two faces, one looking at the past and one into the future.

This week we have added some new material to our collection of local news files, thanks to a random phone call.

It’s almost Christmas, and my to-do list is growing like Pinocchio’s nose.

There have been many versions, new and old, about how the world will end.

When we think of December, we think of it as the holiday season. Though most Americans are familiar with Christmas, there are several other holidays that take place in this winter month. Read on for links to learn more about them.

Teens can look forward to several programs this month to celebrate the holidays at the library!

It is November; a time to reflect on things that we are thankful for.

Some folks take it day by day throughout the month, and count their blessings one by one. I’ve been thinking about all I am thankful for, and, of course I am thankful for family, friends, food on my table, a warm, cozy home and all of the things that most people would consider blessings.

Closeup of Hey Diddle Diddle by Randolph Caldecott

Thousands of books are published every year, and of those, some are judged to be better than the rest in one category or another.

Learn how we made our giant Mockingjay wall pin, and how you can make one too!

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